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Yarn Crimp Tester

Yarn Crimp Tester


Yarn Crimp Tester















The yarn crimp tester is used to measure the length of the yarn taken out of the fabric under a certain tension to calculate the degree of yarn crimp.

Yarn crimp refers to the waviness or curvature of a yarn filament or fiber. This measurement is important in determining the quality and performance of textiles, as it affects factors such as yarn strength, bulkiness, elasticity, and appearance.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG-4415
Display Touch LCD screen
Test Mode 插入表格
Speed 20rpm、25rpm、30rpm、40rpm、50rpm、60rpm、70rpm
Pilling or Snagging box 4 boxes (or 2 boxes for option)
Snagging Box Optional
M&S Pilling and Snagging Box Optional
BS8479 Octagonal Snagging Drum  Optional
Sample Mounting Jig Optional
Power AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 890(L)x640(W)x360(H)mm
Weight 100kg


ISO7211、BS 2863、BS 2865、BS 2866、Woolmark TM169