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Washing Fastness Tester

Washing Fastness Tester


Washing Fastness Tester















Test Application

Textile Testing Instruments


The Washing Fastness Tester is used to test the colorfastness of fabrics when exposed to water, detergents, and other chemicals.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG7129
Display Touch LCD screen
Sample rack rotation speed Max 2ºC/min
Liner material imported 316L stainless steel
Safety protection door safety switch, over-temperature protector and dry-burn protector
Automatic water intake and automatic drainage Yes
Low water level alarm Yes
Test mode 30 built-in test methods(Reserve 24 groups programmable)


AATCC 28, AATCC 61, AATCC 132, AATCC 151, AATCC 190, AATCC 212, BS 1006-C01, BS 1006-C02, BS 1006-C03, BS 1006-C04, BS 1006-C05, ISO 105-C01, ISO 105-C02, ISO 105-C03, ISO 105-C04, ISO 105-C05, ISO 105-C06/C08/D01, M&S C4, M&S C5, M&S C10A, M&S P3B, FTMS 191-5610, NEXT TM2, NEXT TM 3, NEXT TM 5, GB/T 5711, GB/T 3921