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UV Aging Test Chamber

UV Aging Test Chamber


UV aging test chamber















The ultraviolet aging test box adopts the original imported UV lamp tube from the United States. Its short-wavelength ultraviolet light and condensation circulation system can realistically simulate the damage of materials by sunlight, dew and rain. Reproducible and reliable aging test data can be obtained using UV accelerated aging test chambers.

Technical Parameters


Control System

  1. The system features a large 7-inch TFT true color LCD screen with LED backlight.
  2. It has a user-friendly PLC touch screen input system that is easy to learn and operate.
  3. The system offers powerful functions and provides real-time display of temperature PV and SV curves, historical storage curves, and group curves with progress status.
  4. It supports up to 120 groups of programs and 1200 segments, with each segment capable of running for up to 999 hours.
  5. The system also offers USB communication interface for backup and historical data, as well as optional RS485 and RS232 interfaces for PC control and monitoring.
  6. It records error history and provides English and Chinese language options.
  7. Multiple alarm functions are included to display on the screen for quick 、resolution
  8. Additional features include program correction, clearing, appointment, start, key lock, and the ability to download historical curves in BMP format via USB.


  1. The UV aging test chamber is equipped with easy programming and automatic alarm systems to detect misoperation and failures.
  2. The chamber features an externally designed water level control for easy monitoring.
  3. The heating system is located under the container, ensuring a longer service life without immersion in water and easy maintenance .
  4. The UV aging test chamber utilizes imported lamps from the United States, which offer a longer service life and excellent aging effects.
  5. The chamber includes a condensation function to ensure test results align with natural humidity conditions.
  6. The upward rotating door design allows for easy equipment operation and takes up minimal space.
  7. Both the inner and outer boxes of the chamber are constructed with SUS304 stainless steel plate.
  8. The UV aging test chamber is user-focused, designed for easy operation, and prioritizes safety and reliability.


Compliance with ASTM G53-77 specifications GB, GJB, MIL, ASTM, CNS, IEC, JIS, AATCC, DIN, Fed Test, BS and SAE.


  1. Using touch color LCD screen controller;
  2. Users can freely set the program to run according to their needs;
  3. Original American Q-lab or Atlas lamp;
  4. Scientific Circuit System Design
  5. Can accommodate up to 48 samples (75*150*10mm)