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Textile Moisture Meter

Textile Moisture Meter


Textile Moisture Meter















This Textile Moisture Meter (moisture analyzer method) is used to evaluate the drying time of knitted fabrics, woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics under a certain temperature environment by using a moisture weight analyzer. It simulates the drying process of the human body during wearing or taking.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG4295
Display Touch LCD screen
Test Mode 插入表格
Speed 20rpm、25rpm、30rpm、40rpm、50rpm、60rpm、70rpm
Pilling or Snagging box 4 boxes (or 2 boxes for option)
Snagging Box Optional
M&S Pilling and Snagging Box Optional
BS8479 Octagonal Snagging Drum  Optional
Sample Mounting Jig Optional
Power AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 890(L)x640(W)x360(H)mm
Weight 100kg




Computer software

a) Test interface: coexistence of data, curves and charts
b) Automatic calculation of drying time
c) Test report: automatically saved, easy to print, and exported in Excel or PDF format.

A variety of test termination conditions are optional
a) By drying percentage: Determine whether the test needs to be stopped based on the deviation percentage of two adjacent readings
i. The rate of change between two consecutive weighings does not exceed 1% (1%-10% can be set)
ii. The difference between the mass and the original mass of the sample before adding water is not more than 2% (1%-10% can be set);
b) Percentage of residual moisture content: automatically stop the test when the percentage of residual moisture content reaches the set value (1%-10% can be set)