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Sublimation Color Test Machine

Sublimation Color Test Machine


Sublimation Color Test















Test Application

Textile Testing Instruments


The scorc/sublimation color test machine is used to assess the dimensional stability and colorfastness of textile fabrics under hot pressing and dry heat.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG7227B
Display Touch LCD screen
Temperature range 120~230℃
Pressure 40±10gm/cm2 (4kPa±1 kPa) or 8.89 g/cm2 or 9 g/cm2
Test area 50mm x 110mm
Power supply AC 230V, 50Hz/60H
Dimensions 240(L)×500(W)×220(H)mm
Weight 13kg


AATCC 92,AATCC 114, AATCC 117, AATCC 133, ISO 105 P01, ISO 105 X11, JIS L0850, JIS L0879, GB/T 5718, GB/T 6152


  1. Touch screen control, temperature and test time can be set, easy to operate.
  2. The upper and lower test heads can independently control the temperature, and the temperature control is precise.
  3. The unique hinge and elastic support column design ensures uniform pressure on the test plate and meets different test pressures.