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Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test Machine

Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test Machine


Fatigue Test Machine















Test Application
Plastic Testing
Rubber Testing
Metal Testing
Test Property
Tensile Test
Compression Test
Bending Test

This servo hydraulic dynamic fatigue test machine is a highly integrated dynamic and static testing system. It can not only conduct high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, high-low cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics: fatigue crack growth, fracture toughness, crack growth, KIc, JIc, component strength and durability, thermomechanical fatigue, etc., but also static tension, compression, and bending tests under the control of constant rate, constant strain, and constant stress.

It can be configured according to the user’s specific test requirements, select the host load frame (integrated with the actuator and servo valve installed), hydraulic oil source, DOLI control system (DOLI control system consists of three parts: DOLI system software on computer, digital controller and manual control panel), fixtures and accessories

Test Items

Fracture Mechanic Test

◎Fracture Toughness
◎Fatigue Crack Growth
◎Crack Propagartion
◎Metallic materials – Determination of plane – strain fracture toughness KIC
◎Metallic materials–Standardtest method for JIC


ISO 12737/12108/12135,ASTM E399, E647, B645, E1820, GB/T 4161-2007, GB/T 21143

Fatigue test

◎Constant Amplitude
◎Variable Amplitude
◎Block Wave Loading
◎Low Cycle Fatigue
◎High Cycle Fatigue


Various GB, ASTM, ISO and DIN standards

Static Mechanical Test

◎Tensile Test
◎Compression Test
◎Bending Test


ISO6892, ASTM E8, E9, E21, GB/T 228-2010, GB/T 7314-2005, GB/T 232-2010

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model TX-TVOT901 (插入表格)
Rated test force 1kN, 3kN, 5kN, 10kN
Test force measurement range 2%-100%FS
Indication accuracy of test force ±50mm
Indication accuracy ±0.5%FS
Main test waveforms sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, trapezoidal wave, etc.
Test frequency range 0.1-15Hz
Test space  Optional
Sample Mounting Jig height adjustable space ≥ 690mm (can be customized);

Frequency & Amplitude comparison table

Frequency  1 2 5 10 50
 Amplitude ±20 ±10  ±4  ±2  ±0.4


  1. Exquisite appearance design with meticulous overall shape and workmanship.
    Compact size, occupying minimal space.
  2. The desktop structure is designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, ensuring ease and convenience operation.
  3. Low energy consumption, low noise levels, and a clean and environmentally friendly operation, low maintenance costs
  4. Equipped with a high-precision ball screw that allows for the smooth and continuous adjustment of the test space.


◎High and low cycle fatigue test software;
◎Fatigue crack growth test application software (purchased separately);
◎KIC, JIC fracture toughness test application software (purchased separately);
◎Professional static test software must include all test modules for metal tests, and can issue a complete static test report, including material modulus, yield strength, Rp0.2, RT0.5, tensile strength and other indicators, as well as curves and results Copy and export, etc. (optional accessories);
◎Provide detailed operation manual.