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Sand and Dust Test Chamber

Sand and Dust Test Chamber


Sand and Dust Test Chamber















The sand and dust test chamber is a specialized environment used to assess the ability of a product to resist penetration by particles of sand and dust.

The chamber is equipped with a fan which creates a wind flow that carries the sand and dust particles. The test product is placed in the chamber and subjected to the wind flow for a pre-determined amount of time. During the test, the amount of dust and sand that has penetrated the product is measured. After the test is complete, the data is used to determine the product’s ability to resist dust and sand penetration.




  1. 304 stainless steel inner shell, durable;
  2. The dust blowing motor is a special stainless steel shell with strong sealing, low noise and high wind speed;
  3. There is an observation window on the door to observe the internal test status;
  4. Double-line silicone rubber sealing strip is used, which has good sealing effect;
  5. It is made of multi-layer hollow tempered glass, which is safe and reliable;