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Rapid Change Temperature Chamber

Rapid Change Temperature Chamber


rapid change temperature chamber















The rapid change temperature chamber is a specialized testing chamber utilized for assessing the adaptability of electronic and electrical products and components when exposed to rapid or gradual temperature fluctuations. This testing equipment is particularly useful for conducting environmental stress screening (ESS) tests on electronic and electrical products.



Control System

  1. The system features a large 7-inch TFT true color LCD screen with LED backlight (800*400).
  2. It has a user-friendly PLC touch screen input system that is easy to learn and operate.
  3. The system offers powerful functions and provides real-time display of temperature PV and SV curves, historical storage curves, and group curves with progress status.
  4. It supports up to 120 groups of programs and 1200 segments, with each segment capable of running for up to 999 hours.
  5. The system also offers USB communication interface for backup and historical data, as well as optional RS485 and RS232 interfaces for PC control and monitoring.
  6. It records error history and provides English and Chinese language options.
  7. Multiple alarm functions are included to display on the screen for quick resolution
  8. Additional features include program correction, clearing, appointment, start, key lock, and the ability to download historical curves in BMP format via USB.

Cooling System

  1. Selected compressor: imported Germany Bitzer hermetic compressor with lower noise, more stable operation and better performance;
  2. Standardization of refrigeration unit modules, divided into three modules: partial assembly, final assembly, and condensing evaporator; establish a pipe bending language manual to ensure the uniformity of pipeline production;
  3. Standardized modules are easy to install, repair, and maintain;
  4. All pipelines are welded with nitrogen protection to ensure that the inside of the pipeline is not oxidized, and
  5. the surface of the weld is coated with an anti-corrosion protective layer;
  6. Adopt HFC (fluorocarbon) refrigerants with zero ozone depletion coefficient;
  7. The refrigeration system adopts intelligent control, which can adapt to a wide range of loads and consume less power;
  8. All condensers are equipped with filter devices to protect the normal operation of the unit;
  9. Adopt components of international famous brands;


Compliance with ASTM G53-77 specifications GB, GJB, MIL, ASTM, CNS, IEC, JIS, AATCC, DIN, Fed Test, BS and SAE.


  1. Equipped with a large window design, allowing for convenient observation of the test samples inside the enclosure;
  2. The door lock design utilizes leverage to ensure easy operation and a well-sealed closure;
  3. The air supply method utilizes a 45-degree downward air supply, enabling quick and even distribution of temperature throughout the box;
  4. The adjustable angle of the air guide vane further enhances the temperature uniformity;
  5. The inner box is constructed from SUS304 stainless steel plate, while the outer box is made of cold-rolled steel plate with baking paint or SUS304 stainless steel;
  6. The heating system, cooling system, and electrical system of the enclosure have been modularized and arranged separately for enhanced safety.