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Rain Test Chamber

Rain Test Chamber


rain test chamber















The rain test chamber is designed to replicate various rain environments, and it allows precise control over spray angle and intensity. Assess the protective performance of products against rain by evaluating their resistance in different conditions.

The rain test chamber is suitable for testing the adaptability of electronic products, instruments, vehicle components, aerospace seals, military devices, etc. in use, storage, and transportation in rainy environments.




  1. Programmable control to control the rain time and rainfall;
  2. igh-precision sensor, real-time monitoring of rain intensity;
  3. High-quality electrical components ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment. These components include compressors;
  4. Drainage pipe with large drainage diameter can quickly discharge rainwater;
  5. The multi-layer sealing structure effectively prevents rainwater from entering the interior of the test chamber;
  6. Support multiple parallel use to improve test efficiency;
  7. The high-quality stainless steel shell ensures the high strength and corrosion resistance of the test chamber.