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Paper Tear Tester

Paper Tear Tester


paper tear tester















The tear tester is an instrument designed to measure the resistance of paper, film, textile, or plastic sheets to tearing forces. It helps evaluate the quality and strength of the material and can be used for quality control or development purposes.

Test Principle

Based on the TAPPI-T414 JIS-P8116 design standard, the fan-shaped pendulum swings to tear the sample and indicates the tear strength value

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model TX-TMZ6450C
Measuring range A: (50-8000) mN
B: (8000-16000) mN
Tear initial angle 27.5±0.5°
Tear distance 43±0.5mm
Clamping surface size 25*15mm
Distance between clamps 2.8±0.3mm
Product dimension 510*400*365mm
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz


ASTM D 1424
ISO 1974


  1. This tear tester utilizes a high-precision angle sensor to achieve a resolution of 0.1mN and ensure a test accuracy error within ±1%.
  2. It can be asily calibrated with accompanying weighing weights.
  3. The built-in pendulum shaft friction compensation device minimizes the impact of friction for more accurate and stable results.
  4. Features an LCD display and user-friendly interface for fully automatic testing.
  5. Test data statistical processing, micro-printer output, automatic pendulum release control, automatic memory, and result display to reduce human error, provide ease of operation, and ensure accurate and stable results.
  6. Simply enter the calibration test program, screw the calibration weight into the calibration screw hole, and easily perform indication error calibration.