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Package Drop Tester

Package Drop Tester


package drop tester















Drop tester IDS-D26G simulates the impact of the package being dropped during the actual transportation and loading and unloading process through free fall, so as to evaluate the durability of the packaging design.

IDS-D26G Drop tester can perform automatic drop test on the surface, edge and corner of the sample. It is equipped with a digital display and a decoder to track the height, so as to accurately obtain the product drop height. The error with the preset height is not more than 2% or 10mm..

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Drop Height 30-150cm
Max. weight of sample 80KG
Max. size of sample 800*800*1000mm(L*W*H)
Bottom plate thickness 16mm
Control method button (PLC touch screen optional)
Drop height error ±10mm
Drop tester dimension 1700*1200*2315mm
Net weight 300 kg
Drop testing methods surfaces, corners, and edges


ISO 2248, JIS Z0202-87, GB/T 4857.5-84


  1. Accurate height tracking: Equipped with a digital indicator and encoder, it precisely determines the drop height with an error of less than 2% or 10mm.

  2. Sturdy construction: The machine features a single-arm double. It allows for easy operation with electric reset, lowering, and lifting capabilities.

  3. Enhanced safety: A unique buffer device improves service life, stability, and safety during drop tests.

  4. Convenient product placement: The machine’s single-arm arrangement facilitates easy placement of products for testing.

  5. Precise impact surface: The error between the drop angle’s impact surface and the bottom plate’s plane is less than or equal to 5°, ensuring precise and controlled drop tests.