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Moisture Management Tester

Moisture Management Tester


Moisture Management Tester















The moisture management tester (MMT) is used to measure the diffusion speed and area of the liquid (such as water, sweat, etc.) dropped on the textile fabric on the upper and lower surfaces of the fabric, and the speed at which the water penetrates from the upper surface to the lower surface. In order to test and evaluate the water absorption and quick-drying performance of the fabric.

Test Data:

1. Overall liquid moisture management capability;
2. Accumulated one-way transfer capability;
1) Base/surface wetting time;
2) bottom/surface water absorption speed;
3) The maximum water absorption radius of the bottom layer/surface layer;
4) Diffusion speed of bottom/surface liquid water;
5) Base/Surface Diffusion Area.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG5119
Dripping amount 0.03-0.45ml adjustable
Dripping accuracy ±0.003ml
Test head weight (pressure) 1.0kg,1.5kg, 2.0kg adjustable.
Additional function Test head automatic cleaning function
Test interface Curves and charts coexist, automatically saved, and convenient for printing
Test & calculate methods Two methods available
Interface USB data transmission.


1. The loading device automatically adjusts the pressure on the sample surface.
2. You can set the amount of dripping water.
3. Automatically clean the test head.
4. It can adapt to different test requirements of samples with different thicknesses.
5. Real-time display of test data and automatic saving of test results.
6. The test results can be printed out in the form of graphics and data. .