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ICI Pilling Tester

ICI Pilling Tester


ICI Pilling Tester















Test Application

Textile Testing Instruments


The ICI pilling tester is a device used to evaluate the pilling or snagging resistance of fabrics. It measures the fabric’s tendency to develop small balls or snags of fibers on its surface, which can occur due to friction from various factors such as wearing, washing, or rubbing against other surfaces.

By subjecting the fabric to controlled rubbing, the tester helps determine its durability and ability to resist such pilling or snagging. This evaluation assists manufacturers and consumers in selecting fabrics suitable for different applications, ensuring quality and longevity.

Operational Procedure

  1.  Place the test sample onto a polyurethane tube, and then put into a square rolling box with a cork liner.
  2. The roller box rolls to the specified number of times at a constant speed.
  3. Then take out the sample and compare it with the standard photo to evaluate its pilling and snagging level.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG4295
Display Touch LCD screen
Test Mode with rotation speed of 60rpm or 30rpm and optional reversing mode
Speed 20rpm、25rpm、30rpm、40rpm、50rpm、60rpm、70rpm
Pilling or Snagging box 4 boxes (or 2 boxes for option)
Snagging Box Optional
M&S Pilling and Snagging Box Optional
BS8479 Octagonal Snagging Drum  Optional
Sample Mounting Jig Optional
Power AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 890(L)x640(W)x360(H)mm
Weight 100kg


BS 5811BS 8479
M&S P18,M&S P18a, M&S P18b
GB/T 4802.3, GB/T 11047.2
ISO 12945.1,