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ICI Mace Snag Tester

ICI Mace Snag Tester


ICI Mace Snag Tester















Test Application

Textile Testing Instruments


The ICI mace sag tester is a specialized instrument used to evaluate the integrity and resistance of textile yarns or fibers to snagging.

Working Mode

  1. Wrap the test sample on a round roller, and then place a copper ball (with 11 tungsten carbide hooking needles distributed on the surface of the copper ball) on the surface of the roller.
  2. After turning on the ici mace sag tester, the motor will drive the roller to rotate, making the hooking needle roll over the test sample.
  3. After reaching a certain number of rotations, the sample is taken out.
  4. Place it in the rating light box to see if it picks up yarn or fibers, and then rate the sample for how well it picks up.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model TX-SG419
Pre-settable counter max. setting at 9999 times
Rotating Cylinder 4 pcs
Rotation Speed 60 rpm
Mace ball 4 sets (Included bronze ball, tungsten carbide point & Chain)


ASTM D3939
GB/T 11047
JIS L1058