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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine


Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine















This hydrostatic pressure testing machine is used to test the strength and integrity of various components, such as pipes, tanks, valves, and pressure vessels, by subjecting them to high hydraulic pressure. This test involves filling the component with water, and pressurizing it to a predetermined level. The pressure is held for a specified duration to check for any leaks, deformation, or failure.

Technical Parameters

Model Number QIN-218-N QIN-278-N QIN-318-N

Max Press(Mpa)

10` 16 20
Test Temprature room temperature
Test liquid clean water
Pressure range 5%-100% full scale
Constant pressure accuracy -1~+2%
Pressure accuracy ±1%
Pressure display accuracy 0.0001MPa
Test time (h) 10000
Power(Kw) 5


JGB/T 1556o, GB/T 2611, GB/T 6111


  1. The Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine features advanced PLC and touch screen control, pulse duty cycle pressurization, and integrated boosting and compensating stages, ensuring test integrity.
  2. It employs a two-stage pressure control system to improve the lifespan of the motor and pressure system, while providing precise and effective pressure control with real-time automatic compensation.
  3. The machine utilizes an electric plunger pump and electrical contact pressure gauge system for stable and large flow amplification.
  4. It supports multiple independent test channels, allowing simultaneous testing without interference. The pipeline design is space-saving and easy to maintain, with high-quality stainless steel fittings.
  5. The key components are imported branded products(Italian inter plunger pump, American excellent pressure sensor, American Parker solenoid valve, German HYDAC accumulator, Omron or Siemens PLC), ensuring precision and stability. The main motor uses variable frequency control for adjustable plunger pump flow, reducing equipment failures and meeting the requirements for multiple simultaneous tests.
  6. The electrical components are separated for safety. The machine has easy calibration and a compact design.
  7. It integrates the pressure source, computer, and mainframe, achieving an elegant appearance while utilizing space efficiently.
  8. The machine has automatic water control, stopping operation when there is no water. It also features power failure recovery, enabling the resumption of previous tests for improved efficiency.