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High Temperature Drying Oven

High Temperature Drying Oven


electronics high temperature drying oven















The sand and dust test chamber is a specialized testing equipment designed to simulate harsh environmental conditions involving exposure to sand and dust particles. Within the chamber, the test specimens are subjected to controlled levels of airborne particles, typically in accordance with industry standards, to assess their performance and potential failure points under such conditions.

It is used to evaluate the reliability and durability of various products such as electronic components, automotive parts, coatings, and seals.




  1. Suitable for testing IP5X and IP6X dustproof levels.
  2. 304# stainless steel sheel and coated with silver gray and sky blue paint.
  3. The inner box and sample rack are also made of stainless steel.
  4. The door features a transparent observation window and LED lights for easy monitoring of the testing process.
  5. It includes a replaceable dust device for convenient replacement of used dust.
  6. An integrated vibrating device prevents dust buildup on the chamber walls.
  7. Equipped with an exhaust pipe for sample vacuuming.