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Gas Fume Chamber

Gas Fume Chamber


Gas Fume Chamber















The Gas Fume Chamber, for fabric colorfastness testing, is a device used to assess the resistance of fabric dyes to gas fumes. It provides a controlled environment where gas fumes, such as those from automotive exhaust or industrial emissions, are introduced to the fabric samples.

This testing helps determine the colorfastness of the fabric by evaluating any changes or fading that may occur due to exposure to these gas fumes.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG2217
Display Touch LCD screen
Sample rack motor speed 0-8 rpm adjustable
Fan Forced exhaust fan, regulating fan and circulation fan
Sample clips 16 – 24 pieces, stainless steel clips
Test chamber temperature room temperature~65℃
Alarm 2 gas leak alarm
Flame detector Yes
Gas professional explosion-proof solenoid valve Yes
Electromagnetic suction safety door Yes


AATCC 23、ISO 105 G02、GB/T 11039