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Electronic Fatigue Testing Machine

Electronic Fatigue Testing Machine


Fatigue Testing Machine















Test Application
Plastic Testing
Rubber Testing
Metal Testing
Test Property
Tensile Test
Compression Test
Bending Test

This electronic fatigue testing machine is primarily utilized for assessing the static and dynamic mechanical properties of diverse materials such as rubber, plastic, biomedical material, as well as intricate metal materials and components.

It can perform tension, compression, bending and other fatigue tests, while also facilitating examinations related to high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, crack growth, fracture mechanics, and various waveform loading such as sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, and trapezoidal wave.

Additionally, this machine can be complemented with a PCT accelerated aging test chamber, high and low temperature chambers, and a salt spray test chamber, which enable mechanical performance testing under different environmental conditions.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model TX-TVOT902
Rated test force 1kN, 3kN, 5kN, 10kN
Test force measurement range 2%-100%FS
Indication accuracy of test force ±50mm
Indication accuracy ±0.5%FS
Main test waveforms sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, trapezoidal wave, etc.
Test frequency range 0.1-15Hz
Test space  Optional
Sample Mounting Jig height adjustable space ≥ 690mm (can be customized);

◎Configured with a T-shaped workbench, which can be easily connected to various test fixtures;
◎The actuator is an electronic servo system
◎Test data real-time display, playback, amplification, analysis, storage, output, etc.;
◎Extensive optional fatigue test fixtures: tensile test fixtures, bending test fixtures, compression test fixtures, etc.;
◎Fatigue professional testing software, powerful, can set load, displacement, amplitude and frequency according to needs, and draw S-N curve in real time;
◎The design of the measurement and control system meets the strict product standard requirements of the testing machine, cooperates with the software system, and integrates the functions of sensor signal amplification, data acquisition, data display, curve drawing, and data processing;
◎The measurement and control system has three closed-loop control modes of stress control, strain control and displacement control, and each section can be smoothly switched;


JJ/G 556-2011, JB9397-2002, YY/T 0342-2002, YY/T 1429-2016, GB/T 2611-2007


  1. Exquisite appearance design with meticulous overall shape and workmanship.
    Compact size, occupying minimal space.
  2. The desktop structure is designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, ensuring ease and convenience operation.
  3. Low energy consumption, low noise levels, and a clean and environmentally friendly operation, low maintenance costs
  4. Equipped with a high-precision ball screw that allows for the smooth and continuous adjustment of the test space.