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Edge Crush Tester

Edge Crush Tester


edge crush tester















The edge crush tester (ECT) is utilized primarily for conducting various compression tests including Ring Crush Test (RCT), Pin Adhesion Test (PAT), Flat Crush Test (FCT) and Edge Crush Test (ECT) on corrugated cardboard, tubes, and boxes.

Test Principle

ECT─Corrugated cardboard edge compression strength test
Use ECT sample cutter to cut out a corrugated cardboard sample of 100mm×25 mm, and place it vertically between the upper and lower platens of the edge crush tester,which applies pressure to the edges until the sample collapses.

During this process, carefully record the maximum load applied. Finally, get the compression strength by below formular:
Edge Compression Strength = Maximum Load / Width of the Specimen

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model IDS-ZYZ6300C3
Measuring range (0-3000N) (0-30000N/M)
Resolution 1/100,000
Indication accuracy Indication error ± 1%
Indication variability ≤ 1%
Test speed (12.5±2.5)mm/min
Platen Size ¢100mm
Platen Parallelism ± 0.05 mm
Max distance between upper and lower platen 70mm
Display Touch LCD screen
Platen Size 70mm
Print High-speed thermal printer, (print content: serial number, maximum value, minimum value, peak value, average value, etc.)
Net weight 55 kg
Power Supply AC220V 50/60Hz


ISO 12192, ISO 3070, ISO 7263, ISO 3035
GB/T 2679.8, GB/T 6546, GB/T 6548, GB/T 2679.6,GB/T22874


  1. Touchable LCD display, user-friendly operation;
  2. Automatic measurement, automatic return;
  3. Microcomputer processing system, input the weight and size, and display the strength after the test;
  4. Can store 20 sets of test data and support printing results;
  5. Four test modes: ECT, PAT, FCT, RCT;
  6. Stable and precise transmission with synchronous motor.
  7. Force unit: N, kN, kgf, gf, lbf;
  8. Stress unit: Pa, kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2, lbf/in2;