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Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine

Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine


Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine















Test Application
Plastic Testing
Cerment Testing
Metal Testing
Test Property
Tensile Test
Compression Test
Bending Test

This dynamic fatigue testing machine is equipped with a highly rigid and coaxial four-column servo loading framework. The actuating cylinder is installed on the upper movable crossbeam, which is also fitted with a liquid bed factory down device and a hydraulic locking mechanism.

The rated load generally ranges from 500 kN to 5000 kN. If required, the loading framework can be customized to have a higher load capacity and unique functionalities based on user needs. The system is designed with true dynamism and high rigidity, allowing for optimal loading of high-load test specimens. It is equipped with rapid-response servo motors and high-precision dynamic load sensors, ensuring stable and reliable continuous zero-load testing throughout the testing cycle.

Common Specimen Types

◎Building civil components and materials: beams, columns, high-strength concrete materials, composite materials, wood structures;
◎Track structure and components;
◎Aviation components and substructures;
◎Medium plate for ships;
◎Oil and natural gas pipeline components;
◎The overall structure and components of wind turbines.