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Edge Crush Test Sampling Cutter

Edge Crush Test Sampling Cutter


dge crush test sampling cutter















The sampling cutter  is a device used to obtain standardized samples for testing the Edge Crush Strength and Pin Adhesion of corrugated board or boxes. The use of a sampling cutter ensures that the samples are of the appropriate dimensions and shape, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the tests.

Test Principle

ECT─Corrugated cardboard edge compression strength test
Use ECT sample cutter to cut out a corrugated cardboard sample of 100mm×25 mm, and place it vertically between the upper and lower platens of the edge crush tester,which applies pressure to the edges until the sample collapses.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model TX-CZ6640
Max sample thickness 18mm
Sample standard Length 100(80)mm±0.5 mm
Sample standard width (25±0.5)mm
Sample dimension 25*100mm(edge crush test)
Product net weight 13kg
Gross weight 15kg
Product dimension 390mm(L)×350mm(W)


  1. Customized imported blade, made of carbon steel;
  2. Linear guide rail, high precision;