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Color Fastness to Ozone Tester

Color Fastness to Ozone Tester


color fastness to ozone tester















Test Application

Textile Testing Instruments


The color fastness to ozone tester is an instrument used to determine the resistance of a color or dye to ozone exposure. It helps assess the extent to which a color or dye retains its original appearance and does not fade or change when exposed to ozone gas.

This tester is commonly used in industries such as textiles, automotive, and aerospace to ensure the durability and quality of products.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG2219
Display 7 inch Touch LCD screen
Ozone concentration range 2-8ppm
Ozone concentration accuracy 5ppm ± 0.2ppm
Sample clamp rotation speed about 8 rpm
Quantity of sample clips 24 pieces


AATCC 109, ISO 105 G03, GB/T 11039.3