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Charpy Impact Test Machine

Charpy Impact Test Machine


Charpy Impact Test Machine















Test Application
Metal Testing
Test Property
Impact Test
Shearing Test

The charpy impact test machine is primarily used for performing dynamic tear(DT) tests on medium-thickness plates. It refers to breaking the dynamic tearing specimen in the simply supported beam state at one time when testing according to the relevant standards. In order to measure the energy absorbed by the sample and the section rate of the fiber.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG-QUN3000 series
Display Touch LCD screen
Test Mode 插入表格
Speed 20rpm、25rpm、30rpm、40rpm、50rpm、60rpm、70rpm
Pilling or Snagging box 4 boxes (or 2 boxes for option)


ASTM E604-83, ASTM E436-03, API RP*5L3-96, GB/T 8363-2007,  JJG 145-2007 , GB/T 5482—2007


  1. The impact of the pendulum is directed tangentially, greatly reducing vibrations in the surrounding environment compared to the drop-hammer type testing machine.It accurately measures test parameters such as the absorptive capacity of the sample.
  2. The machine is fully automated, with automated sample delivery, impact, pendulum swing, and recovery. It offers user-friendly operation.
  3. The test is conducted in a fully enclosed design, ensuring personal safety by confining the experiment within the machine.
  4. The high-strength frame allows for easy processing and adjustment of equipment precision. It effectively minimizes vibrations during impact.
  5. Components such as the pivot axis, swing rod, and pendulum body are made from high-quality carbon steel, forged, heat-treated, and processed. They possess high strength and rigidity, effectively preventing the pendulum from vibrating and shaking.
  6. The drive system is directly powered by a cycloid pinwheel reducer, resulting in a simple structure, high gear reduction ratio, strong overload resistance, high efficiency, compact size, and maintenance-free operation.
  7. The pendulum is powered by a servo motor, ensuring constant torque output, accurate swinging, and adjustable speed.
  8. The swing device utilizes hydraulic buffering, avoiding impacts and potential damage during swinging. It reduces noise and extends the equipment’s lifespan, enhancing safety.
  9. Automatic sample delivery and positioning device enable quick sample delivery and precise positioning, improving test efficiency and safety, while reducing the workload for test personnel.
  10. The pneumatic brake device prevents rapid clutch actions and reduces wear and tear, significantly extending the clutch’s lifespan.
  11. The large LCD screen displays test information and the status of various components of the testing machine.
  12. The PLC serves as the core of the control system, accurately and intelligently controlling the machine’s various operations.
  13. The angle of the pendulum is measured using a highly accurate rotary encoder with a resolution of 0.025°.
  14. The testing software, operating on a Windows platform with a Chinese/English interface, possesses strong data and graph processing capabilities. It can instantly print complete test reports and test curves.