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Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester


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Bursting strength tester IDS5100R is a type of Mullen tester, widely used for testing packaging materials such as cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard. It can also used to measure busrting strength of non-paper material including silk, cotton,aluminum foil and more.

Working Mode

  1.  Turn on the burst tester;
  2. Cut the sample according to the required size and place it between the upper and lower platens;
  3. Press the test button, the tester starts to work;
  4. When the test piece is destroyed, the motor is decompressed, and the display reads the maximum rupture value. The motor returns to the position to release the pressure, and the test is completed;
  5. Press the SET button to save the test data;
  6. After the test is completed, press the setting button to call out the test results and print the test report.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Measuring range (0 ~ 1800) kPa
Resolution 0.1kPa
Accuracy ±0.5%
Indication value variability ≤0.5%
Pressurization (oil delivery) speed (95±15)ml/min
Protrusion height 10mm~18mm
Film resistance value (170~220)kPa (250~350)kPa
Pressure plate diameter Upper platen Φ30.50mm±0.1
Lower pressure plate Φ33.10mm±0.1
Specimen clamping force (400~1200) kPa (adjustable)
Test the tightness of the system the pressure drop within 1min is less than 10%Pmax
Test unit kpa, psi (Lbs/in^2), kgf/cm^2, with unit switching function
Weight 52kg
Display system Chinese, English Touch display
Print function High-speed thermal printer, (print content: serial number, maximum value, minimum value, peak value, average value, etc.)
Hydraulic oil Silicone oil Equipped with air compressor
Exhaust volume (0.02~0.3)m3/min
Rated pressure Working power supply
Standard accessories 1*wrench, 1*bottle of special silicone oil, 10* calibration sheets, 2*rubber films


JIS-L1004, JIS-L1018, JIS-L1031, JIS-K6328, JIS-P8131, JIS-P8112, ASTM-D2210, TAPPI T403, ISO2759-2001, ISO2058


  1.  The oil cylinder is driven by a stepping motor, and the speed is stable
  2. Pneumatic clamping system, one-button test
  3. ARM processor, 24-bit ADC high-precision analog-to-digital converter, fast response, accurate measurement data
  4. 7-inch color touch screen, English display, touch buttons, real-time display of pressure curves
  5. With the function of saving data when the power is turned off suddenly, the data before the power failure is retained after the power is turned on and the test can be continued.
  6. Automatic reset for over-range
  7. There are three optional units: kPa, kgf(cm2) and Psi(Lbs/in^2), which can be switched arbitrarily