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Pneumatic Burst Strength Tester

Pneumatic Burst Strength Tester


Burst Strength Tester















The pneumatic burst strength tester is designed to determine the burst strength or burst pressure of materials including knitted, woven, non-woven, paper, cardboard and more.

By utilizing pneumatic pressure, this burst strength tester provides a controlled and consistent application of force to the fabric sample. The pneumatic system allows for precise adjustment of pressure levels, making it suitable for testing a wide range of fabric/paper types and thicknesses.

Working Mode

  1. Automatic Burst Mode: The test sample is controlled to burst automatically within 20±5 seconds.
  2. Fixed rate test mode: flow rate (5-100kPa/s) can be set to meet different test methods, such as the M&S test standard.
  3. Fixed displacement test mode: The test sample can be bulged to a specified height and held for a corresponding time to judge the strength of the sample.
  4. Target pressure cycle tensile test: The test sample can be bulged up to a certain pressure and maintained for a corresponding time, then dropped to the bottom and maintained for a corresponding time, and so on and on, to observe the elastic stretching and bursting of the sample

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Model SG-417A
Display Touch LCD screen
Test Mode 插入表格
Speed 20rpm、25rpm、30rpm、40rpm、50rpm、60rpm、70rpm
Pilling or Snagging box 4 boxes (or 2 boxes for option)
Snagging Box Optional
M&S Pilling and Snagging Box Optional
BS8479 Octagonal Snagging Drum  Optional
Sample Mounting Jig Optional
Power AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 890(L)x640(W)x360(H)mm
Weight 100kg


ASTM D3786-06
ISO 13938-2, ISO 2758
EDANA 80.3-99
Woolmark TM29
M&S P27