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Box Compression Tester

Box Compression Tester


box compression tester















Box compression tester IDS6110 is designed to measure the pressure strength of various boxes,cartons, packaging containers that made of materials with a compressive strength less than 50KN. With high control precision and advanced technology, it is the most cost-effective box compression testing machine.

Working Mode

  1. Strength test: it can measure the maximum pressure resistance and displacement of the box;
  2. Fixed value test: the overall performance of the box can be tested according to the set pressure and displacement;
  3. Stacking test: According to international standards, stacking tests under different conditions such as 12 hours and 24 hours can be carried out.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Max. Force 1oKN 20KN 50KN (available)
Accuracy ±1%
Force resolution 1/250000
Effective force range 1-100%F.S.
Unit conversion N, kN, kgf, gf, lbf
Indication accuracy Indication error ± 1%

indication variability ≤ 1%

Position accuracy ≤0.01mm
Parallelism of Platens ≤1mm
Effective test area 1000×1200×1000mm
Test speed (12.5±2.5)mm/min
Return speed  10~150 mm/min (can be set)
Test space 500×500×500mm ,600×600×600mm, 800×800×800mm,1000×1000×1000mm, 1200×1200×1200mm, 1500×1500×1500mm

(can be customized)

Display system Chinese and English LCD screen
Print function High-speed thermal printer, (print content: serial number, maximum value, minimum value, peak value, average value, etc.)
Can be used for pressure test (Stacking test) The holding pressure can be set arbitrarily
Power system Frequency conversion power system
Working power AC220V 50H
Safety features E-Stop
Over-load protection
Upper and lower limit switches
Load sensor with automatic retreat


ISO2872 — Packaging – Complete, filled transport packages – Compression test
ISO2874 — Packaging — Complete, filled transport packages — Stacking test using compression tester


  1. Touchable liquid crystal display operation interface;
  2. Three speeds can be set, and a variety of units are available;
  3.  After the test is completed, it will automatically return to its position and automatically save the test data;
  4. Can save 20 sets of test data and support printout;
  5. It can input relevant data and automatically convert the compressive strength, with its own packaging stacking test function;
  6. The power and time can be set directly, and it will stop automatically after the test is completed;
  7. High precision, fully automatic test, simple and convenient operation, stable and reliable performance