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PCT Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

PCT Accelerated Aging Test Chamber


Accelerated Aging Test Chamber















The pressure cooker test(PCT)accelerated aging test chamber is a specially designed chamber used for conducting tests on materials or products under high-pressure, high-humidity and high-temperature conditions, so as to evaluate their pressure resistance and air tightness. Since this environment is similar to the environment created inside a pressure cooker, it is called a press cooker test chamber.

Widely used in the testing of auto parts, electronic parts, plastics, magnet industries, pharmaceuticals, circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, IC, LCD, magnets, lighting, lighting products and other products.





Compliance with ASTM G53-77 specifications GB, GJB, MIL, ASTM, CNS, IEC, JIS, AATCC, DIN, Fed Test, BS and SAE.


  1. Easy operation;
  2. Robust design with SUS 316 stainless steel inner test enclosure;
  3. Scientific Circuit System Design;
  4. Safety protection: high temperature protection, water shortage and power failure alarm, high pressure protection, emergency pressure relief protection (manual pressure relief, automatic pressure relief)