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Precious Metal Testers: Different Types, Their Uses & Cost


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Welcome to the fascinating world of precious metal testing! Whether you’re a jeweler, collector, or investor, understanding the authenticity and value of precious metals is crucial. Here, we will explore the different types of precious metal testers available in the market, their specific uses, and the costs associated with these essential tools. By delving into the realm of precious metal testing, you will gain valuable insights into detecting fakes, assessing purity, and making informed decisions in the realm of precious metals.

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#1- Gold Tester

The gold tester, also called gold purity tester, is a device used to test the purity and authenticity of gold. It typically measures the conductivity or density of the metal to determine its composition.

There are different types of gold testers available in the market.

  1. Electronic gold tester, which uses a non-destructive method to analyze the gold sample.
  2. Acid testing kit that includes different acid solutions with varying strengths.
  3. XRF gold testers use X-ray fluorescence technology to analyze the composition of the gold sample.

#2-  Silver Tester

Silver tester refers to a device used to determine the authenticity and purity of silver items. It helps in assessing the quality of silver by measuring its composition.

Same as gold tester, there are 2 common types of silver testers:

  1. Electronic silver tester, which uses conductivity or resistance measurements to determine the silver content.
  2. Acid test kit, which involves applying acid solutions of varying strengths to the silver and observing the reaction to determine its purity.